Sarah, No one can replace Frank, but I did find one article at: Massachusetts elementary school reopens (closed due to cuts) and an article about reopening Detroit school libraries with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to train staff and an editorial about the importance of school libraries, which I found on the ALA website for School Library Funding at The following article about a support group in Washington state is also interesting (also found on ALA site): Dorothy Frechette, RILINK
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hey everyone,
I'm looking for info- I've not seen it anywhere yet - that discusses the various cities, states, counties, what have you, that have closed their school libraries only to wake up later and reopen them. An article on an individual city or state would be fine, too.
I've tried NYT, Scholastic's Administrator mag, their brochure, Google, SLJ, ALA ......
If anyone has seen an article, then perhaps you'll know better what search terms to use!
I appreciate any help I can get. I really miss Frankio from OLIS!
Sarah Morenon