Here is the March 10, 2008 email from Lisa Casey and the link to her Critical Truth in Education blog:

"Unfortunately I cannot attend as I have a staff meeting Monday, (I'll try for Tues) but there is something else we all need to consider as teachers.

Bills are being introduced that will eliminate job fairs, classroom size, the right of retirees to healthcare and more. I quickly pulled together a blog so that you can see the bills, who is sponsoring them, with a link to the NEARI site that allows you to find out who your reps are and how to contact them.

The link is Please feel free to pass it around to anyone you feel will help us support it.
It's really sickening and I'm so glad were all interested in fighting the good fight as there seems to be tremendous apathy and I believe the politicians are counting that.

Viva la revolucion!

Lisa Casey"