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Save School Libraries RI (SSLRI)
Proposed agenda for April 2, 2008 meeting
Cranston High School West

Facilitator: Zach Berger
Scribe: need a volunteer

Sign In and Introductions
Update on BEP Waiver requests from around the state
Status updates and discussion on Action Items from previous meetings
Formalize the name of the group to Save School Libraries RI
Board of Regents presentations
SSLRI needs a coordinator / primary contact person
Lobbying Training
NLLD State House Rally Proposal
Task Force Formation
RIEMA Conference Presence
1) Table
2) Breakout session after the conference
Predecessor Opportunities to Explore
Next Steps

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March 10 and 11, 2008 agenda:

  1. Overview of the meetings tasks:
    1. details
    2. details
    3. ....more details...
  2. Second item to discuss
    1. Providence LMS BEP violation history 2004-2006.........
    2. I have the powerpoint we created in defense of Providence waiver. I cannot attend March 10, but if you would like the ppt., I will be happy to provide it.--Holly Barton (I have asked Holly to email me the PowerPoint. I can bring my laptop and LCD projector to the meeting. --Peter Q. ).
    3. Commissioner McWalters' decision regarding Providence situation........
  3. Board of Regents talking points:
    1. B.O.R. Meeting Dates and the Librarians that have signed up to speak:
      1. March 13--Sarah Morenon will speak on the BEP as minimum standards that must be upheld; Barbara Ashby will speak remind the Commissioner and Regents about the Providence waiver history and read from the Commissioners positive decision to restore library positions; Margery Dumaine will speak about the impact of losing LMS positions to the children in Woonsocket, most of which are living in poverty; Esther Wolk from Coventry will speak about how the students in Coventry will be affected by the reduction in staff at the high school in light of the completing of their senior projects and the ration of 2000 patrons to 1 librarian. (see 3/3-disc. tab above)
      2. future dates and speakers...
## BEP as minimum standards or requirements.....
    1. Woonsocket student population demographics
    2. Key points in Sections 15 and 26 of BEP
  1. Research-based support for school librarians (please add to list below):
    1. Syracuse Researchers Link Higher Test Scores with Certified Librarians in Schools
    2. The SKILLs Act</span>
    3. Information Technology and Learning in the Information Age School
    4. Designing and TransformingThrough the School Library
    5. Learning Through the School Library: Evidence-Based Practice: 21 Strategies
    6. Superior Court ruling on school systems mandatory adherence to follow BEP
    7. DFrechette's findings on closings and then re-openings.
  2. Meeting at the RIEMA Conference to discuss this further [Please note: the RIEMA conference committee is looking into this and will report back when details are available. Thanks. Zach]
  3. Board of Regents Meetings--April 10, 2008
a. I think there should be student presenters at this meeting. Esther Wolk said that she could get a few students to make
statements to the Regents. I also think it would be good to have a few classroom teachers speak about how important
libraries are to their students in elementaty, middle and high school. (Barbara Ashby)

7. Next meeting to discuss strategies. I would be happy to hold a meeting at my school in Providence or perhaps Peter Quesnel would
host. His school is easy access off of I-95. Sometime in about 2 weeks. What do you think? (Barbara Ashby)